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Pools & Spas

ASL Pools & Spas builds both residential and commercial concrete swimming pools and spas. Collectively, the key members of our pool construction staff have over 60 years of custom pool design and construction experience. ASL is one of the few companies that performs almost all of the construction ourselves. Typically, the only phases we subcontract are excavating and plastering the pool.

Concrete Pools and Spas

The concrete process that we use is Shotcrete and is known as the shot. Shotcrete is concrete, typically an 8 sack mix in pools, that is conveyed through hoses and pneumatically projected at very high velocity onto any surface including vertical or overhead areas, and is many times stronger than gunite. We utilize ½” rebar on 12” centers for the grid and offer an unsurpassed warranty on our concrete shells, to our pool customers.

Our staff has many years of concrete pool and spa construction experience which includes many extreme jobs. Typically the only phase of the construction process that we subcontract out is the plaster.

Vinyl and Polymer Pool Kits

ASL Pools & Spas builds in-ground vinyl liner pools, using polymer kits, of all shapes and sizes. The advantage of polymer kits, as opposed to metal kits, is the lack of rust. Therefore, the warranty on polymer pool kits is the best.

In-ground vinyl lined pools are available in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Optionally, an elevated spa with spillway can be added.

Through our sister company Advanced Sprinkler & Landscape, we have the capability to re-route/re-design sprinkler systems that have been disrupted during the pool/spa construction process. We can also tie in a pool auto-fill to a separate zone on the sprinkler system to automatically take care of evaporation in the pool.

If you’re interested in having ASL build your next swimming pool, please call us at (405) 455-LAWN (5296)!

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