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Decorative Sidewalks, Patios, & Driveways

Advanced Sprinkler & Landscape builds decorative sidewalks and patios using a variety of rock and brick supplies. We also build and replace concrete driveways, patios and sidewalks.

Additionally, we build decorative flowerbeds, fire pits and retaining walls.

Increase your property’s curb appeal, whether commercial or residential, by having us build your next yardscape.

Dirt Work & Sod

We ha the equipment necessary for any project, whatever the size or complexity. We offer dirt work for clearing or preparing lots, such as dirt hauling, grading, and laying topsoil.

After we rough grade your soil and eliminate drainage problems, we can measure, order, and install fresh cut sod.

If your lawn could use a refresher, or if it’s in need off a new layer of soil, please call us at (405) 455-LAWN (5296).

Fencing Installation & Repair

Advanced Sprinkler & Landscape offers fencing installation and repair. We can install vinyl, wood, metal, and ornamental fences quickly and efficiently on lots of all sizes.

Drainage System Installation and Maintenance

Advanced Sprinkler & Landscape offers underground drainage system installation services. Even the nicest lawn can be ruined by flooding and improper drainage, so we take care of that as well.

example projects

Following are a few of our pool projects.

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